Black History Month Resources

Do your instructional plans include resources for Black History Month?  Do you need a few activities to ensure you plan to reflect and honor the achievements of African Americans?  Below is a link to several engaging and meaningful instructional activities.  

Civil Rights Movement Resources

  • Civil Rights Movement Choice Board (Paper and Google)
  • Civil Rights Movement Game Cards
  • Civil Rights Movement Guided Notes and PowerPoint
  • Civil Rights Movement Timeline Relay (Paper and Google)
  • Civil Rights Movement Word Wall Pennants
  • Civil Rights Movement DBQ (Free)
  • Civil Right Movement DBQ (with Digital Option) 
  • Civil Rights Anchor Charts

Black History Resources

Famous African American Biography Cube and Writing Extension: 
MLK "I Have a Dream" Speech Analysis and Writing Extension
Black History Word Wall Pennants
Black History Choice Board
black history bundlecivil rights movement bundle

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