2016 Reflections

Teacher Reflections

One of my mottos for the new year is to NEVER set resolutions, you tend to break them anyway.  However, I always reflect on my practices during the previous year and work to set up strategies to refine and improve.  I frequently look at data (weight😓, dust depth, hours listened to on my Audible account, and professional stuff like test scores)!  I then use this data to make changes in my habits.  I will add a few minutes to my workout routine, give the house a fresh cleaning, switch from Audible to Netflix so they don't judge me, and dig deep into those mid-term reports to make a plan for tackling weak areas.  Non of these strategies should only be done January 1st, reflection is something you should do daily and make adjustments as you go along.  So, happy New Year's and hopefully you have reflected and have taken away a few "Learned Lessons".  

If you need a free teacher reflection tool, click here.  

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