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My ADHD Fidget Hack for Secondary Students

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Do you have students that fidget and twist and cannot keep still?  Well, I would be one of those students. I have been in education for almost 20 years and I have learned a few tricks that really help to keep me occupied so that I do not have to get up and walk around.  My ADHD kicks in when I have to sit and listen quietly for long periods of time (does this sound familiar)?  It also kicks in when I get nervous or I am in a new situation or environment.  I am 40 years old and have used this product for years.  The cost is ridiculously cheap and works.  

It may seem silly, but my ADHD really make it difficult for me to focus and sit still during presentations and also during church. 
So, I keep a binder clip in my pocket.  This may seem silly, but this homemade fidget device allows me to squeeze it, flip it back and forth, and pinch my finder tips.  This will keep me focused for hours.  I do not leave without one, or several, on hand.  I give them to students that are just full of energy and need something to fidget with.  They are inexpensive and work wonder. 
Plus, they can be used or keep your papers organized when you do not need it.

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