How to Plan Distance Learning Lessons for Secondary Students

How to Plan Distance Learning Lessons for Secondary Students

Types of Distance Learning: 

Virtual Distance Learning: Students word from home using a digital platform like Google Classroom and online meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets. 

Hybrid Model Distance Learning: Students attend school for alternate days and complete additional work from home virtually or using paper packets.  

Learning Platforms: Google Classroom, Nearpod, Canvas, 

Video and Live Streaming Programs: Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams

Virtual resources and sites that are great for review and engagement? 

  • TeachersPayTeachers: free and at cost resources to support your digital learning experience ready to use in the classroom

  • Quizlet: Great for online quizzes and studying

  • Kahoot: Games and quizzes for short assessments

  • EdPuzzle: make videos and add embellishments that are engaging

  • NearPod: set up notes with interactive questions and activities 

  • Mentimeter: take polls, collect data, gather opinions and show graphs of responses

  • Screencastify: video record going over notes or working out problems

How should I give students background information and guide them through the learning process? 

Hybrid & Virtual: 

  • Interactive reading guides with voice recordings, digital notes and videos with guided outlines or questions, escape rooms to review content, 

  • Bullet notes and scavenger hunts

  • Flipped Classroom Videos to review at home and then complete activities during class time to allow teacher assistance.  

How do I keep students engaged in a variety of activities while working in a virtual session? 

Think about activities that will reinforce the content and skills you are trying to teach.  Make sure that you are assigning activities that have some “meat” and are not just “fun”.  Great ideas include writing assignments, choice boards, digital escape rooms, interactive timelines, vocabulary review activities, online articles, CommonLit, virtual field trips with guided questions, virtual labs, and read alouds.  Many of these activities will keep students engaged and interacting with the content in multiple ways.  

How do I ensure I am well prepared for a virtual lesson and students do not get lost or confused? 

  • Create a one page agenda with clickable links to each activity that students will be completing for the day. CLICK HERE  for a sample daily agenda template.  

  • Make sure you click on each link and understand how each activity works before you assign it. 

  • If you are using google links, make sure you have clicked on the Google Form and you know how to share the link and have students use the link.  

  • When you assign the activity to students, open each activity and explain what is expected in order for them to complete the activity.  

  • Ensure that students have a way to connect with you to ask questions, whether this means you are available live or an email to connect.  

Tips for Students? 

  1. Create a designated work space. 

  2. Create a schedule and follow it. 

  3. Wake up each day and get dressed for school. 

  4. Drink lots of water. 

  5. Say goodbye to social media and your unused devices during school time. 

  6. Know which online platform you will be using. ____________

  7. Make sure your internet, microphone, and speakers are in working condition.  

  8. Use your school planner to keep track of due dates or make a calendar yourself. 

  9. Participate in the lesson! Ask questions, respond to questions, offer assistance.  

  10. Use glasses when looking at the screen if you wear them.  They have special screen lens, but sometimes I just use sunglasses:) 

  11. Take breaks and stretch, walk, take your dog out, drink water, have a light snack.  

  12. Ask for help if you need it.  Everyone needs help sometimes.  


Other Digital Learning Products Include Choice Boards, Timeline Relays, Guided Notes, and DBQs, just follow Learned Lessons. 

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