Lesson Planning for New Teachers

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Are you overwhelmed by planning? Is your time limited? Do you need simple step-by-step processes for meeting the expectations of your students? I completely understand, I have felt the same way that you do and have spent years putting together simple step-by-step processes for planning. I have used the processes in my Master Lesson Planning Course to help teachers for over 18 years and I WANT TO HELP YOU TOO! Over the years I have created so many step-by-step processes that I have used when working with teachers to plan lessons that are engaging, aligned to standards, meet the needs of diverse learners, and ensure assessments are used to provide data.

I was overwhelmed with the expectations to differentiate, keep all students engaged, ensure standards were taught and assessed, and know all the different teacher jargon. It was a bit consuming of my time.As I worked on these skills, I realized I had a knack for making complicated processes simple. I begin to not only have success with my own planning, but I found myself helping other teachers to plan as well.

I know that these steps, tips, and reference pages will help make your job a bit less overwhelming. These processes led to great gains in student achievement and I ended up becoming a curriculum specialist that worked with teachers across the state. Then I became a school administrator where our school has shown gains by using many of these processes I have shared with my teachers.

Let’s be honest, teachers are the hardest workers out there. These processes will just help you work smarter.


Amber-Renee with Learned Lesson



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