Are You a New Teacher and Do You Need a Few Tips?

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I know that many teachers struggle with having limited time, being overwhelmed by planning lessons aligned to high level standards, breaking down data, providing remediation, and staying organized throughout it all.  I completely understand, I have felt the same way that you do and have spent years putting together simple step-by-step processes for planning.  Over the years I have created so many step-by-step processes that I have used when working with teachers to plan lessons that are engaging, aligned to standards, meet the needs of diverse learners, and ensure assessments are used to provide data. I was overwhelmed with the expectations to differentiate, keep all students engaged, ensure standards were taught and assessed, and know all the different teacher jargon.  It was a bit consuming of my time. As I worked on these skills, I realized I had a knack for making complicated processes simple.  I begin to not only have success with my own planning, but I found myself helping other teachers to plan as well. 

I know that these steps, tips, and reference pages will help make your job a bit less overwhelming.  

These processes led to great gains in student achievement and I ended up becoming a curriculum specialist that worked with teachers across the state.  

Then I became a school administrator where our school has shown gains by using many of these processes I have shared with my teachers. 

Inside this course, you'll find everything you need to Master Lesson Planning and prepare for a successful classroom.  Every video lesson, guide, and printable resource is meant to simplify the process for you. This course will set you up to plan, engage, assess, remediate, and stay organized with complete ease.

  • ·      Module 1: Know Your Standards
  • ·      Module 2: Pacing Your Lesson
  • ·      Module 3: Planning Engaging Lessons
  • ·      Module 4: Assessments & Remediation
  • ·      Module 5: Observations & Reflections
  • ·      Module 6: Classroom Environment
  • ·      Module 7: Organization
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Plus, I included a few bonuses for members. Depth of Knowledge Posters, Bloom's Posters, Classroom Decor, Writing Anchor Charts, Social Emotional Posters, Student Binder Set-Up, Google Forms Survey, AND SO MUCH MORE are all included in this course.  
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These bonuses are valued at over $25 come completely free with your course membership!
I can't wait to give you the tools and support that you need to Master Lesson Planning and have a great school year. If you have any questions at all, reply to this email. 

Thank you for your support! --Learned Lessons 






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