How to Use Choice Boards and Interactive Digital Notebooks with Secondary Students

How to Use Choice Boards and Interactive Digital Notebooks with Secondary Students

How to Use Choice Boards and Interactive Digital Notebooks with Secondary Students

What are Choice Boards: 

CHoice Boards are menu pages that give the teacher or the student the option to choose which activities to complete based on student need.  This need can be based on their content knowledge, their skill level, their reading level, or their interests.  These are great for differentiation.  

What are Digital Interactive Notebooks: 

Digital Interactive Notebooks are notebooks where students research and take key notes about the content they are studying using a digital model.  They are colorful, paperless, include a variety of graphic organizers, and engage the student with the content.  

Key Terms for Choice Boards and Digital Interactive Notebooks: 

Differentiation: providing activities that are tailored to the instructional needs of your students. 
Digital Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers that assist students in organizing their ideas and learning in digital paperless versions. 
Google Classroom: Platform that many students access Google Slides, Google Docs, or Google Form activities in. 
PowerPoint: Microsoft platform that all google links can be converted to by downloading from Google Drive in a PowerPoint format.  

Why should I use Digital Choice Boards and Interactive Notebooks over a paper version? 

Well, if you are looking for an activity that requires ZERO printing, COLORFUL designs, CLEAR graphic organizers, or ENGAGING choice activities, then Digital Choice Boards and Interactive Notebooks are for you.  However, sometimes the personality of your class dictates which activities are  best.  In my experience, even if you are not comfortable and it is out of your realm of knowledge, the kids LOVE them and they are pretty savvy about figuring out how to navigate the system. 

How do I ensure a smooth Digital Interactive experience? 

A few tips to make sure your Digital CHoice Boards and Digital Interactive Notebook lessons run smoothly:
  • Make sure you read the teacher instructions thoroughly.  
  • Make sure you click on each link and make a copy in your google drive.  You can then download as a PowerPoint if you want to share via a Microsoft platform.  
  • Make sure you know how to share the link and have students use the link.  
  • You might even want to provide a link to key research sites or direct them to refer to their Digital Guided Notes or Digital Bullet Notes for references.  
  • Think about whether you want to allow students to choose their own number of activities or if you want to assign some or ALL of the research pages.  

Other Digital Learning Products Include Choice Boards, Timeline Relays, Guided Notes, and DBQs, just follow Learned Lessons. 
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