Secondary Timelines and Sequencing Activities for Distance Learning in Print and Google Classroom

Timelines and Sequencing for Secondary Students

Timelines, Sequencing, Google Classroom, Learned Lessons

What are Sequencing Activities? 

Sequencing activities require students to organize information learning into a time sequence and analyze patterns of historical events.  If students can master the art of sequencing they can better understand cause and effect patterns and relationships between events.  

Why should I plan for students to complete activities that have them sequence events? 

  1. Standards-Based Teaching: Sequencing is a Power Standard that crosses all grade levels and content areas. 
  2. Bloom's Taxonomy Level:  Builds knowledge by sequencing and then going into the category of analysis by explaining a key event from the timeline.  
  3. DOK Level: Collect and Display events in sequential order falls under DOK Level 2, and Investigating an events falls under DOK Level 3.  

How do I have the students to go to a deeper level of understanding after sequencing activities? 

  • Have students analyze the cause and effects of several events they just sequenced. 
  • Have students create a visual timeline of events. 
  • Have students research key events from the timeline and write essays on the historical significance then and now.  

Elements included in my sequencing lessons:  

    • Print and digital option (Google Classroom and Microsoft Compatible) 
    • Timeline Cards with images to put in order
    • Timeline Template Sheets
    • Informative Writing Prompt
    • Step-by-step instructions for writing a clear, accurate, and concise informative essay
    • Writing Rubric
    Timelines, Sequencing, Google Classroom, Learned Lessons

    Timelines, Sequencing, Google Classroom, Learned Lessons

    Other Digital Learning Products Include Choice Boards, Timeline Relays, Guided Notes, and DBQs, just follow Learned Lessons. 
    Blended Learning in Classrooms, Digital Learning, Google Classroom 
    Thank you for your support! --Learned Lessons 

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